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Labyrinth Fantasy Movie with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie

dvd movie Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly

Labyrinth is a magic universe, where nothing is as it seems.

Movie Story Plot Summary: Teenage Jennifer Connelly plays the part of young Sarah in this movie, who isn’t thrilled to be required to babysit her infant stepbrother Toby on a weekend night. When he cries and cries, she becomes frustated by this and then secretly imagines the Goblins from her favorite book, Labyrinth, carrying Toby away. When her fantasy comes true, Sarah is distraught and enters a maze of illusion to try to bring Toby back from a kingdom inhabited by mystical creatures and governed by the wicked Goblin King (played by David Bowie).

Labyrinth (1986)
David Bowie (Actor), Jennifer Connelly (Actor), Jim Henson (Director)
Rated: PG
Format: DVD

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